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Nauticam NA-EPL3

Nauticam NA-EPL3 Housing for Olympus E-PL3

for Olympus E-PL3

SKU # 17803

$ 1,900.00

Nauticam NA-EPL3 Housing for Olympus E-PL3

The NA-EPL3 housing from Nauticam delivers the advanced functionality of the E-PL3 in style and with the ergonomics that people have come to expect from Nauticam.

This is a very compact and lightweight housing, with all of the E-PL3 camera controls available from the ergonomic grip sculpted into the side of the housing. A choice of hand strap and left/right handle means the shooter can customize the housing to meet their specific needs.


  • Depth Rating: 100m
  • Dimensions: 168mm x 138mm x 91mm
  • Weight: 1.03kg (2.2 lbs.)

The patented locking port release system used in other Nauticam mid-range housings has been incorporated in NA-EPL3, allowing easy and secure port changes.  Ports are available for the major lenses that are useful underwater, including the M.Zuiko 14-­42mm F3.5‐5.6 II lens.

The camera is quickly mounted in the housing via a snap in camera tray, and the housing is securely closed with a locking rotary latch.  The compact form factor and outstanding low light performance make this a perfect system for technical divers exploring extended range environments.

Ergonomics is one of the areas that all Nauticam housings excel and the Nauticam NA-EPL3 housing is no exception.  This housing puts all of the important controls on the camera within easy reach. Shutter Release, Zoom, Movie Record, and the control dials are placed for easy access.  The Fn (function) button is placed for easy access with the right thumb allowing shooters to move the autofocus functionality from the shutter release to this button.

New in the EPL3 housing – video record and set button are larger and have a concave face, making them easier to distinguish, further adding the ease of use.  Zoom is easily accessed from the left side of the housing. NA-EPL3 also features an audible and visual leak detector and cold shoe accessory mount.

Adding to the Nauticam Port System

Ports are available for Olympus 14-42mm, and Olympus 9-18mm, plus the Panasonic Lumix 14-42mm, the Panasonic Lumix 14mm/2.5, the Panasonic Lumix 8mm Fisheye, Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm, and the Leica 45mm macro.  Zoom gears are available for the zoom lenses listed.  The macro port includes a standard 67mm threaded mounting point for adding accessory wet lenses.

Locking Rotary Latch
The housing back is sealed with an easy to operate safety clasp. A safety release button must be pressed in order to begin rotating the clasp, eliminating the chance of accidental opening.

Optional Accessories

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