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for Nikon D750 Camera

SKU # 17217

$ 3,620.00

The NA-D750 is the 15th unique Nikon DSLR housing design from Nauticam, and evolutionary improvements inherited from this extensive heritage combined with new refinements result in the most rewarding user experience possible.

Technical Specifications

Depth Rating 100m
Weight 3.05kg
Dimensions 353mm (W) × 193mm (H) × 128mm (D)

Introducing NA-D750

The Nikon D750

One of the hottest releases from the Photokina 2014 Imaging Fair in Cologne, Germany, Nikon D750 has received attention from both amateur and professional image makers alike, and is poised to become one of the most popular underwater cameras of 2015.

The D750 is essentially a 24.3 megapixel version of the class leading D810. It features the same incredible 51 point autofocus system, Image Processor, 91,000 pixel color metering sensor, 3.2” 1.2m dot lcd screen, professional grade build quality, and excellent ergonomics. The sensitivity of the autofocus system is actually improved, and D750 can achieve 6.5fps continuous shooting for fast moving subjects.

A new tilting LCD screen allows for convenient live view composition with the camera overhead or low to the ground.

24.3 megapixels is a tremendous amount of resolution, more than the highest resolution offering from Canon, and sufficient for large prints. At a price point $1000 less than the D810, the D750 delivers outstanding resolution, image quality, autofocus performance, and overall usability in a smaller body that is often better for those with small hands.

Nikon D750 Key Specifications:

  • 24MP Full-frame CMOS sensor (with OLPF)
  • Flip up/down 3.2" 1,229k-dot LCD screen
  • 6.5 fps continuous shooting
  • Improved 51-point Multi-CAM 3500FX II AF system
  • 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor
  • Highlight-weighted metering
  • 1080/60p video recording
  • Group Area AF mode
  • Simultaneous internal recording and HDMI output

The NA-D750 Underwater Housing

The operation of the housing in water is intuitive, comfortable, and ergonomic. Key controls are placed within easy reach of the housing handles, exactly where the underwater photographer needs them. All controls are clearly labeled, and several button and lever formats are used to allow operation by feel.

Core camera functions such as shutter release, aperture, shutter speed, live view, info, exposure compensation, depth of field preview, Fn, flash exposure compensation, focus mode, AF/M, and zoom are all located at the users fingertips. Dual thumb levers pull important functionality from the back of the camera out to the housing handles, allowing quick access to Video Record, AF-On (for thumb activated focus), ISO, and Image Playback. The patent pending Multi Controller Pad replicates this control from the D750 Camera, allowing easy focus point selection, even on the diagonals.

Nauticam housings are as easy to use on the dive deck as they are in the water. Nauticam's patented Port Locking Lever is simple to operate, enabling easy port changes without twisting or excessive force. A vacuum reset button inside the port mount also allows the vacuum system to be quickly reset from the port mount, when making quick lens changes. The housing locking system is easy to operate, and secure. These touches further reduce the stress of proper gear preparation.

The D750 LCD can be tilted up a 15 degree angle, assisting low angle composition and video framing.


Precision requires vision: A high resolution camera like the Nikon D750 demands perfect focus for optimal results. Fortunately, Nauticam has developed the most user-friendly interchangeable viewfinders available.

The standard optical glass viewfinder is very good and travel friendly, but many photographers prefer the ease of a magnified viewfinder with adjustable diopter. Nauticam produces a "straight" 180º enlarging viewfinder and a 45º angled enlarging viewfinder to enhance the ease of close quarters work often associated with macro shooting. Both viewfinders have high quality optics, and allow bright viewing of the entire image. A patented external dioptric adjustment allows personal adjustment to a sharp-as-a-tack standard underwater and viewfinder changes can be executed in less than 30 seconds without using tools. Exceptional composition and focus accuracy have never been more accessible.

Integrated Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System

The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system is available with NA-D750 as standard equipment. Combined with an optional vacuum valve, this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight and safe to dive status of the housing. The operator can, at a glance, instantly see the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. A simple coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur. The NA-D750 ships with a 3rd bulkhead port specifically for installing optional vacuum valves, leaving the user two other bulkhead ports for HDMI, sync cables and other accessories.


Support & Downloads

NA-D750 Instruction Manual

What's in the box?

  • NA-D750 Housing
  • Spare silicone rubber O-ring for housing, O-ring remover and lubricant
  • CR-2032 Battery
  • Set of allen keys
  • Instruction Manual


Patented Port Locking System

Unveiled on the very first Nauticam DSLR housing in 2009, this locking lever has become a signature of the Nauticam brand.  No twisting or threading action is required to mount a port, and it locks securely in place with this lever.  Nauticam also offers locking port extensions, meaning a dome will never twist, even when used with a long extension ring.

Housing Locking Latches

The industry's easiest to use housing closure system, requiring very little hand strength to operate, secures the housing back in place. The latches are safely locked to prevent accidental opening, but are easy to open when needed for a quick battery or memory card change.

Multi-controller Pad

Located within easy reach of the right thumb, ergonomically operates the D750 Multi-controller joystick.  Full directional control is available for fast focus point or menu selection.  

Vacuum System Reset Button

A blue button integrated in the camera mounting tray, accessible from the port mount, allows vacuum monitoring electronics to be reset when changing lenses from the front of the housing.

Tilting LCD Screen

The D750 LCD can be tilted up a 15 degree angle and still mounted in the housing, assisting low angle composition and video framing.

Stainless Steel Handle Brackets

Stiffening handle brackets are included with the housing.  These brackets eliminate any flex or wobble when using big strobes, and provide multiple attachment points for lanyards or other accessories.

Ergonomic Rubberized Grips

Another legendary Nauticam feature, these rubberized grips have been used every Nauticam DSLR housing release, and are some of the most comfortable in the business.  The zoom / focus control knob also features this same soft touch rubber coating for improved tactile feel.



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