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Modern strobes like Inon Z-330, Z-240, S-2000, Sea & Sea YS-D2, and Retra Flash work extremely well in TTL exposure mode with our TTL Flash Trigger and fiber optic cables.

If compatible, fiber optic cables are the way to go!  They eliminate failure prone electrical sync cord connections.

Universal Optical Fiber Cable

Sku: # 26216



One cable set, compatible with all Nauticam housings, and all popular strobes. A large diameter fiber optic bundle provides the best light transmission possible – key for reliable optical TTL performance.

The base cable is a 1m long coiled fiber optic with Sea & Sea style press in connectors on both sides. Also supplied with the cable are two screw on adaptors, one for Nauticam DSLR Housings, and another for Inon Type 4 Strobes.

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