Marco Heesbeen | Featured Photographer

Marco was born in the Netherlands in 1974. He started diving in 1999 and took the required courses for CMAS 2* certification. Within a year he purchased his very first digital underwater camera and was immediately hooked to underwater photography. Now he seldom goes underwater without his camera. He quotes “If I don’t take along my camera, for sure I’ll see something very special and be extremely disappointed that I couldn’t take a picture of it.”

Jessea Lu | Featured Freediving Athlete

Jessea sets two new records for China in freediving in Vertical Blue 2016, an international competition held in the Bahamas. Jessea has a PhD degree and never stops challenging herself. She can hold her breath over 8 minutes and dive to 80+ meters underwater on a single breath of air, which has inspired many people to explore their own potential in diving.

Uros Podlogar | Featured Photographer

"My lifestyle is combining my two biggest passions: photography and adventures. Extreme locations, machinery and people are the driving force of my work. Always looking for a different angle, versatile sports skills are included in my photo projects." - Uros Podlogar

Mike Veitch | Featured Photographer

Mike Veitch is what we all think of when someone says Underwater Photo Pro. In this interview Mike tells us more about how he went from an instructor to running the only full-time underwater photography school in Bali.

Tanya Burnett | Featured Photographer

Tanya Burnett's work has been seen by just about anyone who has ever picked up a dive magazine. Her stunning images of various far flung underwater Elysia will surely cause many of you to run from your workplace, pick up a camera and get on a plane to join her on the next adventure. Educator, photographer and all around underwater photo guru Tanya Burnett tells us about her descent into the world of underwater imaging.

Greg Lecoeur | Nauticam Ambassador

Greg Lecoeur is multi-award winning underwater photographer that dedicates his life for the Oceans. His strong passion for marine biology and his curiosity to understand the various ecosystem of the sea push him to explore our planet from beneath the surface.

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