Field Testing the NA-LX10

Field Test by Thomas Lam

The only way to know if something works the way it should and to see if those great-sounding features really are great-working features is to get it out in the field and test it.  Thomas Lam, one of the engineers here at Nauticam recently took out a prototype of the NA-LX10 for the Panasonic LUMIX LX-10 to Indonesia for some in-water testing (and a little dive-therapy for Thomas, of course).

The range of subjects covered by the testers is broad.  We pride ourselves on being innovative and that means there are always going to be bugs to sort out.  Without taking you too far down the rabbit hole, in this particular instance Thomas extensively tested the camera’s TTL performance, the compatibility of the lens with the specialized optics of the WWL-1 and CMC as well as general usability of button/lever/dial layout.

Not only does the housing’s functionality need to be evaluated but the camera’s performance is also put to the test.  Battery performance, ease of use and inherent optical limitations are just a few of the areas we investigate.

Check out some of Thomas’ images below

Images taken with the CMC-1

Images taken with WWL-1

Images taken without any wet-mate adapters

About Thomas

Thomas Lam joined Nauticam four years ago as an R&D Engineer.  A good portion of his duties includes customer and dealer support as well handling technical issues.  He is also on the prototype testing team for housing and optical products as well as support documentation.  Thomas has been diving for ten years and was using Nauticam housings even before joining the company.  He currently shoots an Sony RX100 and Nikon D500.

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