Daniel Norwood | Galapagos with NA-GX8

Daniel Norwood of Shark Business took a trip out to Galapagos and lucky for us packed his NA-GX8 for the Panasonic GX-8 Micro 4/3 camera. Paired with the WWL-1 Daniel was able to capture the essence of a trip to Galapagos in all it’s wide-angle wonder from schooling hammerheads to iguanas and sea lions.

The NA-GX8 gives full access to use either LCD or EVF when shooting video including support for magnifying viewfinders in either 45º or 180º flavors providing any extra level of assurance that your image is sharp and your exposure and color are spot-on.  The WWL-1 works with several lenses and is a tack-sharp zoom-through-capable wide-angle conversion lens that can be removed underwater on the fly.

Watch the Galapagos awesomeness below


About Daniel Norwood:

Daniel is an underwater photographer from the UK who’s fascination with sharks encouraged him to find a way to contribute to their conservation. He is a regular contributor to popular scuba diving magazines and websites, and is known for his love of big animal photography, especially sharks.  Having spent countless hours underwater with sharks in a variety of locations around the world, he has learned how to dive safely with a variety of different species and what it takes to set up and run a responsible shark tourism operation.

After meeting Elena in 2014, the two joined forces to find a suitable destination to establish Shark Business.

You can see Daniels work at: www.danielnorwoodphotography.com

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