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Scuba Gear Reports on the Nauticam T3i Housing

SGR STAFFERS RECENTLY took a dive trip armed with what some might call an ¡§Entry Level Professional Camera System.¡¨ After spending a week under water with this rig, we just call it magic in our hands.
We received the camera, housing and strobes in several boxes and bags. Spread out over an entire six-foot dining table, it looked a bit intimidating at first, like staring at a huge pile of LEGOs for adults. But once we dove in, the system came together relatively easy.
The housing itself comes in two parts. Starting with that, we built around it. To assemble the port for the 18-55 lens the system came with, there are two locking rings that you tighten together once and probably will never have to worry about again. Once rings are attached to the port, the port locks into the housing using the port locking switch which is easy to find and use...

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