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Nauticam release housing for Pharse One 645DF

We are proudly announce the release of the housing for PhaseOne & Mamiya 645DF cameras with PhaseOne P+ digital backs: The NA-645DF. The P 65+ is the first full frame digital back, giving 60.5 megapixels, a 12.5 f stop tonal range and the PhaseOne 645DF is a medium format SLR body.

This camera and housing package redefines professional underwater imaging, setting new standards for the highest resolution, fastest flash sync speed, and greatest dynamic range available in any underwater camera system.

Phase One P 65+ is the worldˇ¦s first full frame 645 back, featuring 60.5 mega pixel and 12.5 f-stops dynamic range. Fifteen mega pixel capture is available for faster workflow and higher ISO sensitivity (up to ISO 3200), and 60.5 mega pixel offer an astounding level of detail. The P 40+ digital back offers up to 1.8fps in 10mp Sensor+ mode, and 1.2fps at 40 mega pixel full resolution.

The NA-645DF housing is also compatible with P45+, P30+, and P25+ digital backs

Official release is available for download by clicking through the pdf icon below.

size: 98.88KB