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Sweden’s Anders Nyberg has spent the last few years racking up the awards for his amazing underwater images, with four of his images in the finals for last year’s prestigious Underwater Photographer of the Year competition alone.  Anders shares with us his background and a selection of his favorite images in this Featured Photographer segment.

Interview with Anders Nyberg

by Hergen Spalink

Can you tell us a bit about your background, and how you got started taking underwater photos?

I have a passion for travel, diving and underwater photography. I live on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea and in addition to being a freelance photographer I also work as an environmental engineer.  My interest in photography began when my wife  and I had just completed our first trip around-the-world in 2003.   For that trip I had bought my first digital compact camera with an underwater housing, an Olympus C5050. On the very first trip with that camera I took a image that ended up on the front page of the dive magazine Diver and I think that was a really good start for me. I found out that I really enjoyed showing other divers and non-divers my pictures.

For me, underwater photography and scuba diving are forms of meditation, to relax from the stress of everyday life and work. When diving and shooting I am truly present, thinking only about the moment, really experiencing each unique interaction with the marine environment. I started diving in 1997 and have since been to such world class destinations as Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Malta, Iceland, South Korea, Norway and the Red Sea. Since my start I have over 1000 dives and I always have my camera with me underwater. I believe I was more of a casual picture taker in the beginning whereas today I always try to have more of a plan about what I want to shoot and how. My motivation comes from wanting to create unique images and not just take pictures.

What gear have you used in the past?

As I mentioned before, my first underwater camera system was an Olympus C5050 that I bought before my first around-the-world trip in 2003. Two years later I did my second around-the-world trip and I upgraded the camera to an Olympus C7070. My first DSLR came shortly thereafter and was a Nikon D200 in an Aquatica housing. After that I have moved on to a Nikon D7000, also in an Aquatica housing and a Nikon D800 in a Hugyfot housing before moving over to Nauticam.

What system are you using now?

Last year I changed my underwater system to the Nauticam NA-D500 housing for the Nikon D500 with a 45° viewfinder. Lenses I use are primarily the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, Nikon 60mm AF-S macro, Nikon 105mm VR macro, and Sigma 17-70mm macro, with two Inon Z-240 strobes along with some remote strobe setups. For wide-angle I use the 8.5″ Nauticam Acrylic Dome Port and for macro I use the Nauticam Macro Port 60.

What do you like about it?

I really like the Nauticam system, the ergonomics make it so easy to use in the water, especially with dry gloves in our Nordic waters here in Sweden. I am really impressed with what Nauticam has done in regards to the housing locking system, it’s so easy to close and lock the housing and of course even easier to open. The same applies to the port locking system.  All of this make this housing user friendly and I can changes lens and ports easily and quickly while still being sure that it’s sealed with the integrated vacuum monitoring and leak detection.  Together with the Nikon D500 camera the NA-D500 is a amazing piece of artwork and for me the perfect tool to create my underwater pictures.

Tell us a bit about the kinds of diving you do, favorite locations, etc

It’s a very difficult question to answer because I love almost everything underwater, from the tiniest of critters to the biggest animals and wrecks. I don’t believe I have yet  to photograph my favorite scene.  I’ve found so many beautiful and amazing things that it’s hard to choose just one in particular. I also don’t think I’ve been to my favorite location yet.  For the last few years I have mostly been diving in Asia and so I am now trying to branch out to other destinations. Last year I went to Azores in the Atlantic Ocean and was blown away, the Azores is for sure one of my favorites and I am planning to go back there in September 2017. I will also say that the Baltic Sea is high on my favorites list because of all the wrecks.

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